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Opawa-St Martins Anglican Parish

Strategic Plan







Inviting - Forming - Sending – Serving


(These headings are taken from the Diocesan Strategic Plan)


Parish Vision Statement.


The Parish of Opawa-St Martins is an Anglican whanau who bring life to the world through their loving care for all people, in their dynamic creativity, their seeking to know God, and in their coming together as a multigenerational community.


We are seeking to be a church that provides space for people to grow, to be nurtured and cared for within a companionable and refreshing community. We are open to growth and change and ready to adapt to new challenges. We want to welcome all who come to us and engage in loving service of the community. We seek to offer the best riches we can find from the treasury of our Anglican tradition and we seek to have fun as we worship, celebrate and work together.

The vision for this parish is aligned with the priorities of the Strategic Plan of the Diocese of Christchurch 2009-2012



The Strategic Plan for the Diocese of Christchurch sets 3 Priorities for all Ministry Units


Young Leaders:

Raise up; encourage; educate; appoint and enable young people as

leaders in our Diocese.


Christ-Centred Mission: Christ is both our centre and the One we serve.`We become Christ-like by furthering the Kingdom and further the Kingdom`by becoming Christ-like.


Faithful Stewardship: of the Christian faith; environment; Diocesan

properties and finances; time; talent and our heritage. Stewardship of the`Christian faith includes how we offer theological education.



Particular Challenges faced within this parish


1.   Nurturing and developing new leaders at all levels of parish life;

2.   Providing effective Christian formation in the Anglican Tradition for every age group who attend this parish so that members of this church can identify their God given gifts and fulfil their vocation;

3.   Discerning how best to develop ministry and mission at St Anne’s Church;

4.   Maintenance of property in a manner that is appropriate for mission;

5.   Offering an effective contribution to the life of the wider church.







1. New Vestry to consider the establishment of a Communications Group in 2010


2. Website

Our web site is a winner and provides an excellent invitation to those searching for God and a parish to belong to. Needs more frequent updating by more people and more use/blogging.


Objectives for 2010 - 2011



3. Noticeboards

Need to be clean, clear & updated.


Objectives for 2010-2011

·        Replace or update and repaint signs

·        Uniformity of design at both churches

·        Suggest Slot/Hanger for change of times/place of services

·        Add the website address in large letters


4. Brochures/Packs/Boards


    needs continual updates, has low enthusiasm. No Further Action


Objectives for 2010-2011

·        Keep concise info about groups and parish activities on small coloured brochures or bookmarks displayed appropriately in both parish sites;

·        Review information put out in the porches


4. Teach that the ministry of hospitality at the Sunday Eucharist is something that involves the whole congregation, and that it is one of the most important roles in terms of welcoming newcomers to this parish.


Objectives for 2010-2011

·        Continue training for those who welcome, greet, and offer morning tea on Sundays.

·        Reconsider the use of name tags and provide clearer process for these to be updated.

·        Recruit more people to rosters for welcoming, greeting, and morning tea, especially those who have recently joined the parish as they have the most recent memory of what it is like to come to our church for the first time.






5. Establish a culture of seeking out inquirers to the Christian faith. The parish to provide processes and groups to enable these people to explore and deepen their faith.



·        Ensure there is a confirmation group running in 2010;

·        Equip leaders of all groups with the skills required to incorporate new members.

·        Continue to enable groups like Little Annies and mainly music to be pathways into this community of faith.

·        Equip and empower parishioners to raise up disciples of Christ.

6. Continue to mentor teenagers in line with Diocesan expectations.



·        Continue to nurture youth groups

·        Continue providing mentors for teenagers



1. The Parish Eucharist


The Parish Eucharist will be the summit of the week, the centre of all we do, and the source of our energy for mission in our community.





2. Baptism and Confirmation




3. Ministry with children and young people.





4. House Groups and other small groups





5. St Mark’s School





6. Contemplative Worship




7. Training of clergy



8. Financial Stewardship


To recognise that the “steward” is a key Gospel role which emphasises that the

real owner is God, and that we are holders of a sacred trust.

To live out the spirit of abundance found in the Gospel.

To educate that there is enough for all if greed is abandoned.

To uphold the sacred vocation of caring for God’s Creation.




9. Community Nurture


Provide occasions when the parish family can meet together for social events or a combination of social and spiritual nourishment.

For example:


Sending & Serving


1. Serving the local community

Strategy and Objectives


2. Pastoral Care




3. Mission Committee



There will be a mission committee tasked with challenging the parish to focus energy in social justice advocacy.




Other Objectives


Parish Property




Parish Staff








Appendices available from the parish office:

Summary of Process with Paul Dyer

Paul Dyer’s Report

Summary of meeting on Saturday 7 November 2009