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The parish helps out with cooking the evening meal on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month at the Christchurch City Mission. If you would like to know more please contact Sandra Scholz at or ph 376 6425.

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City Mission Cooking

Thank you for offering to assist.


Please collect the key from Thorpe House situated next door to the City Mission.

A swipe tag and key will give you access to the Night Shelter.

The swipe tag gives access to the gate farthest away from Thorpe House (the closest gate to the Night Shelter entrance).

Swipe tag will give you access to the night shelter (all other doors are opened by the key).

White board in the hall area will advise how many meals are required and what the meal for the evening will be. Usually around 30 meals.

Meat will be in the walk in fridge/freezer. Light situated to the left inside the freezer.

Supply cupboard is situated next to the fridge/freezer and will be locked (use key to open).

Use whatever vegetables are available in the fridge. Potatoes are usually in a box under the white board.

Bread/rolls are usually in the supply cupboard. Butter and place plenty of rolls or bread on the tables prior to the clients arriving.

Dessert/pudding is optional but always appreciated by the clients.

Serve approximately 5pm Check with the supervisor who arrives approximately 4.30pm.

Dishes are washed by the clients.

Any queries please phone Sandra Scholz on 027 480 6548 anytime.

 OPTIONAL:  Quick and easy fruit crumble. This is not an expectation:

Rub equal quantities of butter sugar and flour together to make a crumble, add a tablespoon of mixed spice or cinnamon. Crumble over the top of apple/fruit and cook.